Construction of the Red Oak Baby Crib

The CPSC has outlawed baby cribs with complete gates that lower,
such as those shown on this page. I certainly believe that a
child's safety is of utmost importance. However, the ban was
the result of poor design, shabby construction and plastic
'hardware'. The hardware I used is all steel and I took the
design and constuction of these cribs shown here as the most
important of any project I built, since the first models were
for my very own grandchildren. That being said, I no longer build
cribs and offer these pictures simply as a sample of my building process.

Roughsawn lumber direct from the mill.

Posts and slats are cut and left to acclimate in shop.

Other major parts are cut to rough length and width.

Gate rails have 12 - 1/4" mortises cut in each.

Thirty-six slats are machined to size.

Major parts are ready for sanding.

Toddler gate is hand-fitted before glue-up and finishing.

Crib ends are dry fit to determine final raised-panel dimensions.

Another view.

Crib hardware is unpacked for measurement and installation.

Major parts are stained and glued.

Completed crib with mattress in lowest position.
It can be raised to three higher positions.

Completed crib with optional toddler gate.

Les Thede, Furniture Maker
EverLasting Furniture
Ada, OH