Construction of the Cedar-lined Hope Chest

Roughsawn lumber direct from the mill.

After acclamation, material cut to rough lengths.

Figured boards glued up for a top.

Some boards must be hand planed.

Others glued up for case sides.

More processing and pieces are labeled.

One panel glued up to hold the drawers.

Base of chest has been bandsawn to shape.

Drawer section is dry fit.

Base is glued to the lower panel.

Lower unit dry fit to allow drawers to be built.

Dovetailed main case is finish sanded.

Total unit setup to check for fit.

Case lip is glued in place.

Main pieces are stained before final glue up.

Final result is worth all the effort.

You can almost smell the cedar!

Les Thede, Furniture Maker
EverLasting Furniture
Ada, OH