Why commission a piece of furniture or type of furnishing?     
Most people who commission a piece of furniture or type of furnishing do so for one of two reasons. First, they are looking for a unique style that they are unable to find at more traditional stores. Second, they are looking for the quality of construction which is no longer available in mass produced furniture lines. 
How does the commissioning process work?
At EverLasting Furniture & Furnishings, the process begins with a conversation with the client about the type of piece desired. After that initial meeting, I will develop basic plans that can be used for discussion and a second meeting will take place to confirm the design and budget requirements. At this point, a fee of 50% will generally be required from the client so that complete drawings of the project can be made and materials can be ordered. The remainder of the fee will be paid only after the delivery of the piece and the client is completely satisfied. 
What should I know before commissioning a piece of furniture?
Clients should understand that if they can find a desired piece in a traditional store which has the style and quality that satisfies them, they should buy it. A custom furniture maker cannot compete with mass produced companies on price. However, if you are not satisfied with the style or quality of construction, the custom maker can create a piece that will last for generations and give you pleasure each time you look at it! 
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